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Understanding the need for fast and flexible capital in the market, CreditBird was born to connect people who need to borrow money and people with idle capital. When verifying transactions via CreditBird: Borrowers will get more and more money at lower and lower interest rates. Lenders will not lose capital when lending.

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About CreditBird

CreditBird is a fintech company. We provide a peer-to-peer lending platform.


Global businesses, industry in the field of peer to peer financial connection, individual community.


Help users gradually build personal financial reputation with the community and financially global.

3 Core values

Prestige, transparency, bring value benefits to all parties

Our Commitment

First: Free forever on core platform services. Such as: connect, create loans, search for denounced user information, search for loans,...


Second: For verified users:
For lenders: Commitment to refund money with a guarantee amount if the borrower fails to repay.
For borrowers: Add credibility, increase the guarantee balance after each loan is repaid on time.


Our Services

We always provide free core services forever. And guaranteed verification services have a fee.


CreditBird is an intermediary that connects borrowers with lenders.


Find information about an individual with a bad debt history at creditbird or condemnation by community. Looking for reputable personal information, good financial capacity.


Introduce and build a prestigious personal brand about finance in the community.

Create loans

Submit loan needs to the community.

Support for lending decisions

Provide sufficient hints to help lenders decide to disburse.

Peer-to-peer guarantee

The guaranteed balance helps lenders not lose capital when encountering bad debts. Support borrowers to increase the limit after each prestigious repayment.

Reported users

Our Price

Free forever and more

Normal User

Both lender and Borrower

$0 /
  • Search for loans
  • Search reported user
  • Create loan
  • Agree loans of normal user
Verified Borrower

Just for borrower

$12.9 /
6 month
  • Search for loans
  • Search reported user
  • Create loan
  • View loan history
  • Plus, increase CB Balance
  • Private support channel
  • Guaranteed borrowing and lending globally
Verified Lender

Just for lender

$25.9 /
6 month
  • Search for loans
  • Search reported user
  • Agree loans of normal user
  • Agree loans of Verified User
  • View loan history
  • Guaranteed Refund on Non-Payable Loan
  • Private support channel
  • Guaranteed borrowing and lending globally

Our Partner

acb bank